Munros compleated – what next?

So, Munros all climbed – what next? I don’t really fancy all the Corbetts (though some re superb hills), but the Furths look inviting!

The Furths are the 3000ft peaks of the British Isles furth of Scotland.  Unlike the Munros, they are not separated into mountains and tops.  Here is the full list:  those in bold are the ones which I have already climbed;  those indented and in italic would probably be listed as tops rather than mountains if they were in Scotland.

England has 6 (all in the Lake District), which might be classified as 4 distinct mountains and 2 tops

  1. Scafell Pike (978m)

    on Lord's Rake, Scafell, with Iain, in 1994

    • Ill Crag (935m)
    • Broad Crag (934m)
  2. Scafell (964m)
  3. Helvellyn (950m)
  4. Skiddaw (931m)


Wales has 15 (all in Snowdonia), which might be classified as 7 distinct mountains and 8 tops, although the distinction is less clear cut than in England.

  1. Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) (1085m)
    • Crib y Ddysgl (1065m)
    • Crib Goch (923m)

      summit of Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) from Pyg Path (October 2007)



  2. Carnedd Llewellyn (1064m)
    • Foel Grach (978m)
    • Yr Elen (962m)
    • Foel-fras (942m)
    • Garnedd Uchaf (926m)
  3. Carnedd Dafydd (1064m)
    • Pen yr Ole Wen (978m)
  4. Glyder Fawr (999m)
    • Glyder Fach (994m)
  5. Y Garn (947m)
  6. Eilidir Fawr (924m)
  7. Tryfan (915m)


Anne on the tricky path just below the summit of Tryfan (October 2007)

and, finally, Ireland has 13 (all in the Republic), which might be classified as 7 distinct mountains and 6 tops

  1. Carrauntoohill (1039m)
    • Knockoughter (959m)
  2. Beenkeragh (1010m)
  3. Caher (1001m)
    • Caher West Top (975m)

      Cat and Iain on Caher West Top on our round of Carrantouhill and Beenkeragh in summer 1998

  4. Cnoc na Peiste (988m)
    • Maolain Bui (973m)
    • Cnoc an Chuilinn (958m)
    • The Big Gun (939m)
    • Cruach Mhor (932m)
  5. Brandon Mountain (952m)

    with Iain, looking along the east ridge of brandon Mountain in summer 1998





  6. Lugnaquilia (925m)
  7. Galtymore (919m)


So, all in all: 18 mountains (10 already climbed) + 16 tops (3 already climbed).

An interesting new challenge!

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