off to Ireland …


July, 2012

The republic of Ireland has 13  3000ft summits, which might be classified as 7 distinct mountains and 6 tops:map of Ireland, with 3000ft peaks


  1. Carrauntoohill (1039m)
    • Knockoughter (959m)
  2. Beenkeragh (1010m)
  3. Caher (1001m)
    • Caher West Top (975m)
  4. Cnoc na Peiste (988m)
    • Maolain Bui (973m)
    • Cnoc an Chuilinn (958m)
    • The Big Gun (939m)
    • Cruach Mhor (932m)
  5. Brandon Mountain (952m)
  6. Lugnaquilia (925m)
  7. Galtymore (919m)

Iain and Catherine and I had climbed the Carrauntoohill horseshoe (1, 2 and 3, and tops) back in 1998.  Iain and I also climbed Brandon Mountain that summer.

So that left Lugnaquilia (a broad high moorland in Co. Wicklow), Galtymore (the high point of a range of hills in Co. Tipperary) and McGillycuddy’s Reeks (Cnoc na Peiste and tops in Co. Kerry).   Three mountains and 4 tops ….


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